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Experienced web developer who enjoys building fast and accessible digital products.

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Developing software for 19 years; spent 11 of them in web development.
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I'm a software developer proficient in JavaScript and the web. I'm passionate about web performance, accessibility, mentoring, user & developer experience.

I follow a digital minimalism mindset, using technology to improve people's lives and provide value for businesses.

In my free time, I build side projects and like exploring new technologies. You can see some of my work in the projects section below.

I'm open to collaboration opportunities where I can contribute, learn and grow. Don't hesitate to reach out if you think my skills and experience are a good fit for your next project.

My toolkit
JavaScriptNode.jsTypeScriptCSSSASSGraphQLSQLReactReact NativeReduxNext.jsAngularPhaserGSAPExpressVitewebpackAstroJestCypressCLIGitSEOa11yVercel


Description & Goals

Started as a hobby project to help a friend learn for his paragliding exam, I ended up building a full-fledged quiz application.

It consists of 1000+ questions from 8 different categories and has a simulation mode that mimics the real exam.

From a technical point of view, my goals were to learn using more complex animations with GSAP and deliver a fast & secure web application. It runs server-less on Vercel and uses Next.js API routes to hide all sensitive data from the client, such as the correct answers.


Quizzes and exam simulation for paragliding pilots.
Next.jsReactGSAPCSV processingVercel APICSS Modules
Paddle Pong
Description & Goals

This game was created as a learning exercise, to familiarize myself with the WebRTC technology.

It is a multiplayer game, where two players compete against each other in a classic Pong game, but with a twist: the paddles are controlled by the players' phones.

The game was built using Phaser, a popular game engine for JavaScript, and uses WebRTC for the multiplayer functionality.

Paddle Pong

A multiplayer reinterpretation of the classic Pong game, with a twist.
Description & Goals

Created mainly as a learning exercise, this game was built from scratch, without using any game engine or library.

My goal was to familiarize myself with running a high amount of animations in the browser at 60 FPS, thus implementing it using as low-level tools as possible.

I used the HTML Canvas as the rendering engine and implemented a custom game loop, collision detection, and animation system.

One of the most exciting bits was implementing the bézier curve algorithm, which I used for all the animations in the game.


A reinterpretation of the classic Snake game.
No librariesHTML CanvasCustom Game EngineAstroTypeScript

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